Bold Espresso

Need a jumpstart to your day? This bold expresso will do the trick! Folks will be asking where you get your energy from. If you choose you can tell them that Lemon2Go Coffee is your secret weapon or you can keep it to yourself! Our espresso is the perfect blend of acidity and sweetness. You [&hellip


In post World War II, in Italy, a beverage which was named after a kind of  light/dark brown habit that the Capuchin friars used to wear, came into being. That beverage was the Cappuccino! Here at Lemon2Go the cappuccino is a big seller! Smooth, delicious, to die for! We make cappuccino the right way!


Reward yourself. You work hard and sometimes you need to take a moment and just enjoy life. Made fresh daily, you can choose from our delicious sandwiches, banana bread, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, croissants, yogurt cups, salads and more. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Our Drip Coffee

Want the perfect cup of drip coffee? We have it! No coffee pots sitting for hours here at Lemon2Go. Each coffee is individually brewed so you know it’s always fresh. The aroma of our perfectly ground coffee and the heat of that first sip is a treat for the senses. Can’t get better than that!


Not in the mood for coffee? Try one of our specialty teas. They’ll perk you right up and if you sit and sip a cup with your pinky up people will think you’re royalty! Brewed individually, each cup of tea is like taking a mini-retreat!